Q) How much is the shipping cost?

Most of our items have free shipping worldwide. However, for freebies, the item is free but we charge extra for shipping and handling. The total shipping charge depends on the weight of the product and the country we are shipping to but should be $8.95 for standard weight items. This increases if you have more than one freebie in your item cart which are stocked at different warehouses overseas.

Q) Do you offer bulk discounts?

Our Pricing is tallied up using individual product prices so if you are thinking about purchasing 5 or more products, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to work on a discount for you.

Q) How can some items be FREE?
  • The items that are labelled as FREE, are promotional deals that our marketing team have managed to wrangle. We only get a certain number of each product and Each deal lasts only until the product is sold out.
  • The Items are 100% free, you simply pay the cost of our shipping fees to send it to you.
  • Yes, it seems crazy but it is REAL so don't miss out!

Q) I've  ordered two or more items, but only received one, why?

Sometimes items from the same order will be split into different packages in order to avoid additional fees.

You should receive any missing components of your order within two (2) weeks. However if you don't – let us know. You can contact our support by emailing:       


Please keep all delivery packets as we will require them for evidence of shipment

Q) Where can I find my tracking no?

This will be mailed to you once it is shipped and also updated in your account. You can log in and check it. In rare cases, when we cannot provide you with the tracking number, you can avail the 60 day return policy if the item does not arrive.

Q) Where is my order?

Please make sure to check your tracking number to see where your order currently is.  If the number says that you have received the order but you have not, it is most likely with your postal service. Please consult them and revert back to us if there are any further issues.

 Q) What do I do about customs fees?

You will need to bear the cost of any custom or import fees outside of the total price of your order from Intolego.com . That being said, we mark all our orders as gifts and hence, the chance of attracting custom duties is very low.

 Q) The color looks different on my newly received item than what I see on the website – can I do something about this?

Computer screens display colors differently and that is one reason that you might receive slightly different colored products. We assure you the design will remain same.

 Q) How secure is my personal information?

IntoLego is adheres to highest industry standards in order to protect your personal information with the best security solutions.

Your credit card information and personal details are encrypted during transmission using SSL (secure socket layer technology),which is widely used on the Internet for processing payments safely.

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